martedì 18 settembre 2007

Eta filtered files

The first etafiltered file is now in /data/calib/csa07/alcaReco/EB100pb.root
it has most of the electrons between ieta 1 and ieta 15 in CMSSW reference system.
Most of the events are also between iphi20 and iphi60
It comes from the 100pb set of files.
A small selection only for the endcap is being processed right now.
It will be called EE100pb.root and stored in the same place.
This files will also be on my castor to be accesible for running from the lxplus and from the lsf.
They are in /castor/

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pietro govoni ha detto...

quale e' il cfg file usato per scriverli? cioe', quali sono i nomi defli InputTag da usare?