sabato 15 settembre 2007

Data processing

The 10pb data have almost all been processed. Some are still not available on castor but we have 422Kevents. The are in /castor/
They are currently been transferred also in cmsmi3: /data/calib/csa07/alcaReco/10pb/
Each file is about 7MB.
We'll try to recover another ~100Kevents from the processes aborted because castor didn't feed the data fast enough for the LSF.

Now the batch system is processing, actually really fastly, the 100 pb datas.
They will be on /castor/ Then we'll transfer that on /data/calib/csa07/alcaReco/100pb/

As now we have 130Kevents processed, and they have been processed just in 30 minutes.
Tomorrow we'll process the frontier.

Then we'll run the alcaElectron test on all the data to see how does the data look like and well start deep testing the InvMatrixLooper.


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