giovedì 26 luglio 2007

Calibration updating

Yesterday I wrote and compiled the Endjob and started to write the StartLoop.
As now everything compiles correctly.

mercoledì 25 luglio 2007

Buildfile and functions porting

Corrected error in buildfile (after checking the buildfiles comparing them with what suggested by in EcalAlCaRecoProducers: wrong line TO BE REMOVED!

Then corrected other errors (missing functions etc). Now it works!
Tarball calibration25072007Works.tar.gz on my public/backup.

venerdì 20 luglio 2007


Setted up the repos at /afs/
allowed access to presotto (if someone is interested in checkout the repos, please contact me).

Some problems in compiling the cvs version... more news on monday!

Backup tar.gz of the running version! (You'll find it in my public/backups )

Today's Work

Working on

The constructor is almost ready.
Just missing some little modification to get it compiled.

giovedì 19 luglio 2007

Files portati (attualmente) da TB06 a CMSSW (locale obv.)

Elenco per cartelle:

\1st section
in CMSSW***/src/Calibration/Tools
- InvMatrixUtils
- InvMatrixCommonDefs
- matrixSaver
- SmartSelector (c'è solo l'header)

va modificato il file BuilFile inserendo use name=root (tra minore e maggiore).

\2nd section
in CMSSW***/src/Calibration/EcalCalibAlgos
- BlockSolver
- EcalCalibBlock
- CalibCoeff

\3rd section
in CMSSW***/src/Calibration/EcalAlCaRecoProducers
- InvMatrixLooper (per il momento solo l'header)

nota: Se non espressamente specificato esistono due versioni del file, un .h che sta nella sottocartella $path$/interface e un .cc che sta nella sottocartella $path$/src