mercoledì 12 settembre 2007

CalibBlock's Test

This morning the EcalCalibBlock class underwent some test.

We filled a map of 25 entries with random number that acted like the "energy deposit"
We summed all the entries and this was the "momentum".
With this values we filled the calibBlocks and we repeated the procedure for many times. (with only one filling the system isn't determined)
That we invoked the solve method and then read back the coefficients. If the class is working properly the results should all be one.
And that's what happened.
Then we multiplied the entries of the map for some random coefficients, after summing this numbers for the "momentum". If the class was working the results should have been the inverse of our input coeffs. And that's what happened.
The program that does this test is in EcalAlCaRecoProducers/bin/

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