venerdì 26 ottobre 2007

CAF: sottomissione e castor

In order to access files at the CAF castor pool you must set:

export STAGE_SVCCLASS=cmscaf

In one of the Emails from computing yesterday, there was a nasty typo
specifying the t0 pool rather than the CAF pool.

NEVER EVER use the t0 castor pool for anything!!!!!!!!!!!

Below you will find a few important instructions for CAF usage:

CAF Usage:
CAF Usage is restricted to dedicated users. Only if you are registered
in a special list you are able to access the CAF.

CAF disk pool:
You need to set the environment variable:
export STAGE_SVCCLASS=cmscaf
to get access to the CAF disk space (see also warning above)

CAF job submission:
bsub -q dedicated -R cmscaf cmsrun.job

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